Particular tabus subscribe to uphold the latest ethics of one’s family unit members compliment of the female line

Maybe not seldom mothers bestow opprobrious labels to their children, to help you cheat the latest demons to your thinking them too unworthy are molested

One of them prevents people outsider of typing a home where the family is honoring brand new «Bgha» feasts. In reality, an excellent tabu debars off such as for example events the latest people who’ve ily, when you’re people who find themselves privileged to visit need to stay in new household within the results of your rites.

Getting a man to refer his dad’s name is nearly equivalent, considering Karen ideas, on son’s waiting their parent’s death; toward spirits, discovering the brand new latter’s identity, you’ll destroy your

Toward flatlands, in which the Karen villagers build separate house after the manner of the new Burmans, persons try forbidden to push the carts through the village road romantic adequate to the latest households in order to bump from the supporting listings. So it tabu, which, in the sight off an excellent Westerner, partakes of your character away from a town ordinance, are enforced on this new culprit by imposing off a superb, specifically, four annas inside currency otherwise an effective fowl, payable into the heads of your household worried. Throughout the escort in Fullerton hills the bucks is put in the a hole within the the latest flannel hierarchy top into the family otherwise, unlike a financing fee, the fowl try hung in house. Specific persons, that have received new great throughout the second setting, show a bias against eating it. I’ve been informed that United kingdom Bodies officials provides kept that it tabu, in the event the distinct the new okay might have been resisted because of the offensive people.

Perhaps there is no further prevalent tabu one of the Karen individuals than simply compared to personal brands.[28-10] I’ve understood some people for years lacking the knowledge of its brands while having used the prominent expedient off contacting them by label of its earliest child. A man exactly who served because the get ready consistently regarding Baptist college or university at the Tharrawaddy I understood only since the «Ba Gyaw’s dad»; whether or not I did eventually come across his personal individual label. In place of these are his spouse, a person usually cam of one’s mom regarding his children, or from his eldest son whose term he may envision it safe to refer. Not too long ago an earlier guy of great knowledge, who was involved with filling up their empty app for a marriage certificate, is actually met with the point that he was incapable of offer his mother’s name.

Inside the week away from s are in flooding, people observe the tabu of your own ascending and you may shedding from the newest seas («ta du ta htaw ta rules»). They abstain from work, build an offering of a beneficial fowl every one of that colour on the the way near a circulation, and you will utter the next prayer: «O Lord of your high drinking water plus the short liquids, of oceans and ponds. We are providing you with a huge nice fowl and nice grain. Circulate in your banking companies as usual, so that we’re going to not sunken otherwise get into new liquids getting devoured of the crocodiles and dragons. Check out more us for the our journeys, consume the offerings, and don’t molest all of us.» Then they evaluate the latest fowl’s bones while the gall-bladder regarding pig, and you may, in the event the of those try advantageous, it swimming the brand new weight 3 times. But if no issue takes place, they feel you to the choices was basically appropriate and they commonly prosper. If the omen aren’t propitious initially, it is an extra time and if required a third,to help you receive a great response.

The Karen regard the newest gall-bladder off a specific version of fish because the an important medication, but believe one at the beginning of days of August this therapeutic body organ will get enlarged and «hot» (that’s, flabby). It, for this reason, think it over needed seriously to desist out of performs, so you can restore this new gall-bladder in order to its regular status and you may efficacy. When you look at the almost every other weeks that it drug is thought are good and useful in particular significant ailments.