Yes, this is quite common with dating sites

Does eHarmony Automatically Renew?

Subscribing to any plan activates this option. When agreeing to any of the payment plans, the system deducts your money and starts the counter. Once the subscription has ended, eHarmony renews the contract for the same amount of time.

The reason behind this is that you will also receive a higher membership status by choosing a plan. Losing your privileges because the subscription period has ended could cause some hiccups while dating online. However, of course automatic renewal can be canceled in the options menu.

Is There an eHarmony App?

Regardless of whether you are an Android user or an Apple lover, eHarmony can bring your dating adventures to your smartphone. Although the app shakes things up a bit design-wise to make navigation easier on the smaller screen, all of the necessary features that you get used to on the browser version are still available. This extends to the personality test as well, which can be completed on your favorite touch-based device.

While the process might demand more fiddling on a smaller screen, the same rules and functions apply to customizing the profile section. Since your data is carried over from one device to another, we recommend doing the ‘paperwork’ on your desktop, and use the phone to chat and browse dates.

We think that using the app is a pleasant experience, although it took some time to adjust from the browser version and to find all the features. The app has a mixed reputation on the app stores, which is fairly common as people tend to blame the app itself for not finding a date right away.

Does eHarmony Have Gay Dating?

Yes. Although initially it wasn’t an option, in 2009 eHarmony launched a sister site called Compatible Partners. This service caters exclusively to the gay communitypatible Partners offers the same perks, benefits and level of quality as eHarmony, including its personality testpatible Partners is also free to use with the same restrictions and subscription plans.

Is eHarmony Religious?

Religion plays an important role in the matchmaking system, but eHarmony itself doesn’t propagate any particular religion and nor does it force any particular ideology on its members. Every major religion is present here alongside their respective denominations: for example, if you pick Christianity, then you can further elaborate whether you are Catholic, Evangelist, Orthodox, and so on. Within the personality test it is possible to set how important faith and religion is to you and whether it’s a deciding factor in a potential relationship. If you set a high priority for it, then the system will only recommend singles who think the same as you.

Is eHarmony Worth It?

You should know that even the best dating site cannot guarantee 100% success. Still, eHarmony proudly presents a long list of testimonials as proof that its method is successful. Countless couples from all around the world have managed to find genuine love on the site. And not just young couples, either, but even those in their 50s and above. The science behind the matchmaking also helps the odds of a couple staying together.

Overall, eHarmony offers high-class matchmaking and a very interesting personality evaluation. Unfortunately, this high quality comes with a hefty price tag and an alarmingly long minimal commitment, and therefore you must consider whether you should subscribe or not Klik om meer te lezen. The monthly prices don’t differ much from what you might find on other dating sites, however these fees are multiplied by very long subscription lengths which demands a large sum to be payed upfront.

While other dating sites have created month-by-month plans so people can sample the service for a relatively small deposit, eHarmony plans start from six months. But the shortest plan is also the most expensive, meaning that you are asked to fork up nearly $200 at a very minimum.