Virgo & Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility, According To Astrologers

One word to describe a relationship between Virgo and Sagittarius? Complicated. The earthy Virgin is practical, highly organized, and has everything planned out in advance, while the fiery archer does whatever they feel like in the moment. Plus, Virgos are the type to want ily, and a mortgage, while the freedom-loving Sagittarius never stays in one place too long. It’s a relationship that’s going to be quite challenging, but with enough patience, it’s one that can work. Virgo and Sagittarius’ compatibility shows what it might take for this pair to last.

“Virgo and Sagittarius is a combustible match, with expansive Sagittarius cramped in tidy Virgo’s house,” Rev. Rtina Garbis, professional astrologer and psychic, tells Bustle. “Virgo is used to managing the more mundane aspects of life, and keeping things just so, and Sagittarius, the jester of the zodiac, comes and upsets that balance.”

Both signs enjoy being active and can bond through their shared love of traveling and exploring. However, they tend go about those hobbies in very different ways. According to Garbis, Sagittarius is very go-with-flow. They prefer traveling with no real destination in mind, and will stop at random bars or odd roadside attractions along the way. Virgo, on the other hand, has everything planned to the very last detail. Their different approaches to traveling, and life in general, can make this a challenging relationship for both signs.

Although Virgo and Sagittarius may not have a ton in common, they represent two of the four mutable signs in the zodiac. According to astrologer Jeanine Duval, mutable signs tend to be very flexible. “They encourage change in those around them and within their own lives, Duval says. They can also be a bit restless. For instance, Sagittarius hates staying in one place for too long, while Virgos are always looking for ways to grow and further themselves in their career. Clashes between these two are inevitable, but due to their mutable nature, compromise should never be out of reach.

Virgo & Sagittarius’ Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to physical intimacy, Virgo and Sagittarius don’t make a great match. According to Duval, the fiery archer is passionate, fun, and can laugh through awkward moments and embarrassing bedroom mishaps. Perfectionist Virgo, on the other hand, is a total over-thinker. Although pop over to these guys they’re definitely not conservative in bed, they like to do things on their own terms, and only when they’re feeling confident and ready. “The pushiness of Sagittarius may be a complete turn off for Virgo,” Duval says. “On the flip side, the fiery energy in the bedroom might make the earthy Virgo uncomfortable.”

Both Virgo and Sagittarius are willing to experiment in bed, so that’s one area where they’re compatible. However, it will take some time for Virgo to fully open up and express their inner sexual desires to their partner, and again, any pushiness will turn them off. But once trust is established, these two can have a good time together.

Virgo & Sagittarius’ Emotional Compatibility

Initially, Virgo and Sagittarius will be good to each other. According to Garbis, Virgo will do anything for Sagittarius, and Sagittarius will be a generous and affectionate partner in return. They’ll enjoy getting to know each other, likely bonding over long discussions about life, current events, and past experiences. Virgo will love hearing about Sagittarius’ many wild adventures, and Sagittarius will appreciate having someone who is genuinely interested in hearing about them.

However, these two will soon find that they want different things in a relationship. Virgo wants a partner who’ll call when they say they will, show up on time, and will be there for them when they need them. Although Sagittarius isn’t known for being flaky, they’re busy doing their own thing. They’ll be here one weekend and gone the next. Sometimes, their partner won’t even realize until they get a “miss you” text with a photo attached. Sagittarius is also the type to brush things off with a joke, which can come off as insensitive. If Virgo doesn’t feel like their partner cares about their feelings, they won’t feel truly secure in their relationship and won’t open up emotionally.